Haub School alumni
are making a difference in the world

Joe Riis

Wildlife & Fisheries Biology & Management/ENR ’08
Wildlife Photographer
National Geographic
World Traveler

The Haub School has been going strong for more than two decades. Every year we send more graduates out our doors. Our alumni are thoughtful, ambitious, and creative. They go on to solve difficult problems and improve the world around them.

These graduates work for tribes and governments, for schools and art institutes, for law firms and consulting firms, for international aid organizations and ski areas, and so much more. Among their ranks are entrepreneurs and photojournalists, biologists and policy analysts, technicians and directors. No matter where they work each day, our graduates bring with them the problem-solving skills, the consideration of natural resource management, and the ability to work with people from across the aisle that we instill at the Haub School.

We know that life is too short not to pursue what inspires you. We know that you are reading this because you are driven to create something meaningful. We know what it takes to become a groundbreaker. Our aim is to leave the planet a little better than we found it, and our alumni make that dream a reality.

Amy Sherwood

International Studies/ENR ’12
Agricultural Program Manager
NURU International Kenya